General Policies

Tobacco & Alcohol Policy

Smoking/chewing tobacco products is strictly prohibited inside the school building. Students may use tobacco while outside of the school building. Students are required to dispose of cigarettes appropriately and not litter the grounds.


Alcohol Policy

Students are forbidden to consume alcohol on the school premises. Students who arrive to school intoxicated will be expelled.


Mobile Telephone Policy

Due to the level of distraction mobile telephones cause, students are not permitted to use them while in the classroom. Telephones must be completely turned off at all times. Students who use mobile communication devises will be asked to leave the classroom.


Food & Drink Policy

Our school takes pride in having clean facilities. Therefore, we do not permit students to bring food or open drink containers into the classroom. Bottled water is permitted.


Admissions Policy & Requirements

In order to enroll for any course a student:

   Must have high school diploma/GED or higher


Enrollment Dates

A student may enroll at any time prior the start of a new class.

The school has rolling admissions.  A new program starts every six weeks.


School Calendar

New Years Day

Memorial Day (last Monday in May), Independence Day (July 4)

Labor Day (first Monday in September)

Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November) Christmas Day


Financial Aid/Financing

Presently, the school does not offer financial aid or financing, however, we will be able to do that in the near future with funding from the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).



Tuition for each of the healthcare programs is listed on the program tuition forms. The tuition can be paid by cash, money order, or credit card. Personal checks are not accepted. Discounts and coupons may be offered occasionally. Students will pay the lowest advertised tuition. All payments must be done through the Registrar’s Office.



A student who withdraws from the program due to an emergency situation may re-enroll at no additional cost to complete the program at a future date. Re-enrollment requires approval from the School Administrator.


Transcript Charges

The procedures for obtaining student transcripts from the school admission office are listed below

*  $0 for the first transcript, unless same day service is requested by the student.

*  $5.00 for each transcript issued after first (free) transcript.

*  $10.00 per transcript for same day service


Job Placement Assistance

Students will be alerted verbally as to what employment opportunities exist within a 60 mile radius of the school. These employment opportunities will also be posted on the ‘jobs board’ in the classroom. Students may also voluntarily register their email address with the school’s list server; every Friday the list of employment opportunities will be emailed to graduates. While the school will work diligently to assist students in finding employment, we cannot guarantee employment or specify future monetary income amounts



Students have the right to enjoy their learning experience in an environment free from harassment. If students feel they are being harassed by other students, this matter should be brought to the attention of their instructor or the School Administrator. If students feel they are being harassed by their instructor, this should be reported to the School Administrator. Students found to be engaging in the harassment of other students or school faculty will be expelled.


Students have the right to enjoy their learning experience in an environment free from violence or the threat of violence.  The school does not permit weapons in the classroom including knifes and firearms. Students with firearm permits are not permitted to carry their firearms while in the classroom.

Students found to be carrying weapons in the classroom or students making verbal threats against other students or faculty will be expelled.


Student Behavior

Students are expected to act appropriately while in the classroom. Appropriate behavior means using social manners, showing respect for instructors and other students, demonstrating respect for school property and remaining quiet while in the classroom. A student acting in a manner deemed inappropriate by the school may be expelled. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to: violating any policy contained in this catalog, harassment/annoyance of other students or faculty, destruction of school property, not remaining quiet during class, engaging in criminal activity while on the school premises, or cheating on exams.


Student Grievance Procedure.

Any student who has a grievance with the school or an instructor should first discuss the problem with the instructor or school director. If a resolution is not reached, the student should make a written complaint and submit it to the school director asking for a written response.  When a satisfactory resolution of the problem is not obtained, the student may contact



The school will not discriminate against students based on their nationality, age, race, color, creed, familial status, disabilities, gender, or sexual orientation.